Landlord Services – You Need Peace of Mind!

We help Landlords by offering a range of services to help you with this at very competitive fees. We tailor our services to suit your requirements. Our Clients usually find that in effect our low fees are more than covered by receiving much lower builders quotes than they would normally expect.

The following are some of the ways we can help you to fit your budget:


Brief initial report highlighting basic general maintenance and repairs required.

Specific Issues

Detailed survey of specific problems.

General Condition

Condition Survey detailing the current condition of the property.

Detailed Plan

Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme providing a detailed survey of the structure which then prioritises the repairs and maintenance. This is for you to be able to confidently plan your costs into the future. It is designed to maintain the property in a marketable condition.

All of these are prepared with colour photographs and are written in clear easy to understand language.

We can help you by:

  • Writing the Detailed Specification for the work;
  • Arranging and sending out the work for tender;
  • Assessing the tender returns to check that they are including everything that they should be;
  • Project Managing the building work on site;
  • On bigger jobs carry out interim valuations on the work so that the builder is accurately paid;
  • Issue Contracts and manage their compliance;
  • Get the job done on time and on budget.

How much of our services you use is up to you. We can always include builders that you favour in the tender.

If you have a preferred builder we can negotiate prices and rates with them to get the best value for money rather than going to tender.

Planning your repairs and maintenance

Whether you own one rental property or have a portfolio or are a Managing Agent you need to know what needs doing and when it needs to be done to keep it in marketable condition.

You need to know what it is likely to cost.

You need to know what the priorities are.

Managing the repairs

To get the best possible quotes from the builders you need to provide them with Detailed Specifications so that they do not have to best guess what might be required of them so only price what they are asked to do. This way you can get like-for-like prices from all of them so that you can make informed decisions as to which one to appoint.

Without this information, it is difficult to plan your business.

Emergency repairs

We offer a service to manage emergency repairs usually working with your insurance company to ensure that your property is at least as good as it was before the problem.

We are well versed in working in tenanted properties and have had occasion to report back to the landlord on other issues such as un-authorised multiple occupations and tenant damage.

Building Insurance

When was the last time that your building was assessed? Following general guide tables is not accurate and you may find that you are under insured in which case an insurer will only pay out a percentage of costs in the event of a claim. Of course conversely, you may be over insured in which case you will be paying too much for your premium!

We can carry out a full assessment for you so that you have peace of mind at a very reasonable cost.

Whether you need a Purchaser Survey, Building Survey, Report on a Structural Problem, Report for an Insurance Claim, Project Management, or an Assessment of a possible extension, ask James Harrison Surveying Ltd.
Please ring or email our team and they will be pleased to offer a no obligation quotation.

The fees are based on time and the type and age of property so have a few details of the property to hand so that we can give you an accurate fee quotation.

For your peace of mind we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance well as Public Liability Insurance . (We have never had a claim). – Payment can be made by BACS, cheque or cash to suit you.

Other Services – Helping You With Property Matters!

Project Management

Do you have a building project that may be a step too far for you to manage?

James Harrison Surveying has experience in projects from house construction, office refurbishments, night time bank refits, listed building works, building steel frame buildings, building apartment blocks, working in hospitals, extending factories, re-roofing works, constructing commercial buildings including underground parking, building school and university extensions and many others.

Schedules of dilapidation

Towards the end of a lease, you may want to assess the building to see what if any the cost is of putting the building back to its condition before the tenant moved in.

This report uses the original condition survey and compares it to the present condition of the building and then assess the costs to restore it to the original condition.

Usually, the tenant will have an obligation to have maintained the building during his occupancy and the cost of repairs is usually steered at them.

Specific Defect Reports

This report is to assess very specific problems or defects within a structure. It is confined to the issue only and is not intended to replace a Building Survey.

Advice on building extensions

To keep costs down it is very important to really assess what you want and very specifically how it can be done using the services and structure that exists as much as possible.

Ignore this and it will cost you alot of money and probably extend the contract period.

We are often asked by clients to spend a couple of hours with them to assess their wishes and work out the best way forward for them.

Only then will they instruct an architect as they will have enough knowledge to do so in the most cost effective way.

When was the last time that you appointed a builder who finished on time and on budget? It can and does happen but it is only when he has all the information he needs before he starts and the specification isn’t changed by the client along the way.

Building disputes

This is a part of the business where we assess whether the builder is at fault, and then will try to mediate to complete the project to the mutual acceptance of both parties.

It’s often a question of playing a fair and reasonable approach rather than just preparing court documents and reams of evidence.

Usually both parties just want it to be completed and go their separate ways.

Assessing potential projects

Clients often come to us to see if a project is likely to be viable. This can range from a possible backfill house construction to a potential building plot or change of use of a building.

We can assess the costs of the project and advise on which other professionals would be required to make it happen, the most suitable type of construction and the most cost effective way to proceed.

As with all projects the more effort you put into preparation before you start building the less chance you have of over running on time and budget.

Condition surveys

We can prepare a condition survey or ‘Schedule of Condition’ which is a snapshot of that building at that particular time. 

This is essential if you intend to let the building as you then have a detailed record to compare it against at the end of the lease. It usually forms part of the lease documents. 

The report uses photographs extensively. This is suitable for residential or commercial buildings.

Building Insurance

When was the last time that your building was assessed? Following general guide tables is not accurate and you may find that you are under insured in which case an insurer will only pay out a percentage of costs in the event of a claim. Of course conversely you may be over insured in which case you will be paying too much for your premium!

We can carry out a full assessment for you so that you have piece of mind at very reasonable cost.

We also have vacancies for experienced Building Surveyors!


Full Time and Part Time

The job – Carrying out surveys on residential property in Essex.

You must be qualified, being a member of RICS may be beneficial though not essential, and be able to demonstrate your experience of at least 10 years in this field. We want our clients to be able to fully understand your reports and we do not offer ambiguity or endless pages of disclaimers so you need to be confident of your ability.

Based at home you will have a good telephone manner and have very good accurate written English and be computer literate.

The salary package will be based on your experience.

Please feel free to give James a call to discuss the positions informally or by all means drop a line to James at . No agencies, please.

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